KC Fountain Tour – 24/100

KC Fountain Tour

#24 – KC Fountain Tour
Kansas City Metro Area

Cost: Free
Good for: Spending the day exploring different areas of the city
Tip: Use this Google Map for the main KC Fountains, or rent a KC BCycle and cruise around from fountain to fountain.

Kansas City is said to have the most working fountains in the world – more even, than Rome, Italy. In 1992, the city even added the “City of Fountains” to its official corporate seal. The City of Fountains Foundation has its own KC Fountain Tour, but I modified mine a little.

I love the fountains because there is just something so serene about them. They’re a place in the city to relax and reflect. They’re a happy place. In my KC Fountain Tour, I made it to 25 fountains over the course of a week, going to them randomly, as I felt. You could easily make a day of it, and try and find them all.

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Cliff Drive – 23/100

Cliff Drive

#23 – Kansas City Cliff Drive
3500 Gladstone Blvd Kansas City, MO 64123

Cost: Free
Features: Biking/Running Path, Disc Golf Course, Rock Climbing, Scenic Views
Good for: “Getting out” of the city.
Tip: Explore Cliff Drive by bicycle or on foot to get the best experience.

Cliff Drive is State Scenic Byway in historic Northeast Kansas City. The winding, paved drive throughout the heavily wooded area overlooks the Missouri River and Kansas City Industrial parks. It’s the perfect spot for runners, bikers, rock climbers, disc golfers and view seekers.

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Chicken N Pickle – 22/100

Chicken N Pickle

#22 – Chicken N Pickle
1761 Burlington. North Kansas City, MO 64116

Cost: $$
Features: Pickleball. Yard Games. Beer. Food.
Atmosphere: Lively, loud.
Good for: Families, big groups, double dates.
Tip: Book your court in advance.

Chicken N Pickle

Um, so competitive pickleball is now a thing?? Apparently it’s the fastest growing sport in America, so courts are popping up all over the place, including in Kansas City. I had played pickleball in high school and to be honest, I hated it. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to playing at Chicken N Pickle, but I was willing to give it a shot. (Everything is better after high school, right?)

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Cinder Block Brewery – 21/100


Cinder Block Brewery

#21 – Cinder Block Brewery
110 E 18th Ave, North Kansas City, MO 64116

Cost: $
Features: Taproom, food truck, yard games, board games.
Atmosphere: Homey, airy, rustic.
Good for: Craft beer lovers, any parent needing a break from the chaos of Chicken N Pickle.
Tip: Order the English Cherry Cider and pretzel mix.

Cinder Block Brewery

Cinder Block Brewery is a Kansas City microbrewery staple with a great taproom, event space and outdoor beer garden. They feature a rotating seasonal beer list in addition to their eight Foundation Series staples.

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