out of home

At a convention for orthodontic students, we wanted to draw attendees to our booth and encourage them to sign up for disability coverage. With coverage being free for AAO student members, that was the focus for both the playful headline and intro copy. Also, because QR codes have experienced a resurgence during the pandemic, we also incorporated one for quick access to our website. 

Hy-Vee Chinese utilized a fan nickname, Hy-Chi, to create quirky, custom fortune cookie inserts, videos and in-store branding. The campaign took off, boosting Hy-Vee’s social media following on Twitter and Instagram.

California Citrus Mutual works to protect and invest in the citrus industry by targeting California policy makers. Creating a 1-mile walk around the California Capitol, growers had the opportunity to talk with legislators and earn a 1,000 pound citrus donation to local food pantries. A variety of collateral was created, including sidewalk stickers that highlighted the impact of the citrus industry on California’s economy, health and environment.

It’s always difficult to stand out at a tradeshow, but in a very crowded crop nutrition category, standing out at a tradeshow is nearly impossible. Utilizing roots to form a hungry mouth, this booth signage intrigued the client and attendees alike.