Kansas City Scout – 12/100

Kansas City Scout

#12 – Kansas City Scout
2900 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

Cost: Free
Good for: Breathtaking views, panoramic photos.
Tip: Enjoy the rest of Penn Valley Park when you visit.

The Kansas City Scout is a 10-foot tall depiction of a Sioux Indian on horseback, surveying the landscape. The statue was originally cast in 1915 for the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. The statue won the gold medal and as it traveled toward the East Coast, it was installed temporarily in Kansas City.

Kansas City Scout

The Scout became so popular that the people of Kansas City raised $15,000 in nickels and dimes to purchase the statue. In 1922, The Kansas City Scout was dedicated as a permanent memorial to local Indian tribes.

The Kansas City Scout holds a prominent position atop a hill that overlooks the city. The view is incredible, with all of the downtown skyline in sight. Unfortunately, you can find the area around the statue littered with trash, but not much can detract from the statue and view of the city.

Kansas City Scout

The Scout has become a symbol and a mascot of the city. Several area attractions are named after the iconic statue, including Kansas City’s electronic traffic alert system and the 1970’s local National Hockey League team.

In 1992, Kansas City gifted a half-size replica of the Kansas City Scout to its sister-city, Seville, Spain.

Kansas City Scout’s Artist

Cyrus E. Dallin was an American sculptor and Olympic archer. Dallin cast over 260 sculptures, though he is best known for his sculptures of Native American men. He created a popular four-piece Native American equestrian series called The Epic of the Indian, which are similar to the Kansas City Scout. The series includes The Signal of Peace, The Medicine Man, The Protest and Appeal to the Great Spirit. Dallin also created an equestrian sculpture of Paul Revere, which is across from Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kansas City Scout


Kansas City Scout’s Location

The Kansas City Scout is located in Penn Valley Park, a 176-acre park directly south of the Crossroads District. It’s a great addition to the city with plenty of amenities, including a skate park, an outdoor theater, dog park, tennis courts, softball fields, playground and picnic shelters.

Penn Valley Park also leads into the World War I Museum and the Liberty Memorial.

Penn Valley Park TheaterPenn Valley Park Sculpture

Don’t forget to explore the area after taking in the great view. There are lots of statues and walking paths throughout the area. xx, Libbie.