Royals Game – 10/100

Royals Game

#10 – Royals Game at Kauffman Stadium
1 Royal Way, Kansas City, MO 64129

Cost: $$
Atmosphere: Lively, rowdy, nostalgic
Features: Dugout Suites, Hall of Fame, the Little K, Sluggerrr.
Good for: Baseball fans, families, tourists, social sports fans
Tip: Parking can be expensive, so carpool with a group, or uber to the stadium.

I didn’t really have much of a choice but to become a Royals fan when I moved to Kansas City. Iowa doesn’t have a major league baseball team, and when I moved here in 2015, the Royals were having an incredible season (and would go on to win the World Series). The town and fans were electric. A lot of people waited 30 years for them to win the World Series again, and it was so cool to see the city come together to celebrate.

Now I go to Royals’ games mostly for the social aspect, (as with most sports, tbh). BUT the games are still SO much fun.

Unlike other baseball stadiums located within city limits, Kauffman is about 15 minutes outside Downtown Kansas City. This fosters an awesome tailgate scene in place of a bar district. Hours before game time, you’ll find the parking lots filled with cars and people grilling, drinking and playing games.

Royals game

Tailgating tips:

  • Parking can cost $15 or more, so carpool if possible, or coordinate gate numbers to enter if your group doesn’t.
  • Bring a pop-up tent. The parking lots get SO hot in the summer.
  • Bring spare toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Sometimes (a lot of times) the port-a-potties run out.
  • Pack a water cooler along with the beer coolers.
  • Don’t forget bags, ladder golf or KanJam.

The K
Kauffman Stadium is located in the Truman Sports Complex, adjacent to the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium. Built in 1973, Kauffman is named after Kansas City Royals’ founder and first owner, Ewing Kauffman. Rather than build a cookie-cutter, multi-use sports complex, Kauffman went on to build a stadium ahead of its time.

Chiefs Stadium

The K is recognized as one of the most beautiful ballparks in the game, and can be compared most similarly to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Stadium. One of my favorite parts of the stadium are the fountains and waterfall display beyond centerfield. 322-feet wide, it is the largest privately-funded fountain in the world.

Royals Stadium

In 2007, the stadium underwent extensive renovations, including a high definition scoreboard, fountain view terraces and an outfield concourse that allowed fans to walk completely around the stadium.

Food and Drink
Kauffman Stadium allows you to bring in your own food and drink, but stadium food has evolved far beyond the staples of peanuts and Cracker Jacks. If you’re still hungry after tailgating, Kauffman has some seriously delicious food and drink options.

Royals Stadium

  • Boulevard Beer – Kansas City’s local brewery has stands throughout Kauffman Stadium and lots of great beers for a hot ball game. American Kolsch, Ginger Lemon Radler and the Boulevard Wheat are all great.
  • Craft and Draft – Features 75 craft beers and gastro pub-inspired food.
  • Belfonte Ice Cream – One of Kansas City’s most famous ice cream joints.
  • Skewers and Canteen Links – Owned by Bizarre Foodshost, Andrew Zimmerman, these two shops specialize in flat-bread sandwiches and loaded hot dogs.

Royals Stadium food

Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan, a Royals game is always a good time. xx, Libbie