McLain’s Bakery – 37/100

McLain's Bakery

#37 – McLain’s Bakery
201 E Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64114

Cost: $
Atmosphere: Energized, friendly.
Good for: Coffee shop connoisseurs, sweets lovers.
Tip: If you are particular about your pastries, show up early. They sell the good stuff fast.

McLain's Bakery

McLain’s Bakery has been a Kansas City staple since 1945. Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious cookies, cakes and pastries, or stop in for a savory breakfast sandwich. McLain’s has two locations, a small shop in Brookside and a market in Overland Park.

About McLain’s Bakery

I have yet to go to McLain’s Market in Overland Park, but it’s close to my office, so I know I’ll be checking it out sooner than later. McLain’s Bakery location in Brookside is a small, cozy shop. To me, it feels like Luke’s Diner off Gilmore Girls (minus the grumpy owner). It’s the perfect place to catch up with a friend, grab food with your family, or drink a pot of coffee.

McLain's Bakery

They partner with local Kansas City companies for their milk and coffee, Shatto and Thou Mayest respectively. Thou Mayest is a coffee roaster in the Crossroads, like The Roasterie.

McLain’s is known for their chocolate cup cookies, cakes and pastries. I’ve heard their holiday cookies are extremely popular too, and their order capacity fills up quickly.

What to get at McLain’s Bakery

I’m not a huge sweets-for-breakfast fan, so I’m not as familiar with their baked goods, but everything looked delicious. Especially their Danishes and banana nut muffins. My friend Karlee and I stopped by late Sunday morning, and many sweets were picked over, so we went with coffee and breakfast bowls.

McLain's Bakery

I’ve had about everything on their breakfast menu. My favorites:

  • Market Bowl – scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, avocado, potatoes and veggies.
  • The American – sausage, gravy and hash browns on a biscuit (I mean, come on)
  • Plain and Simple – scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese on English muffin toast.
  • Ham and Cheese Croissant – Shatto butter croissant with capicola ham, chives and cheese

Whether you prefer a sugary or savory breakfast, you can’t go wrong at McLain’s. xx, Libbie.

McLain's Bakery