Car owners who participate in High Performance Driver’s Education (HDPE) are a captive audience. From fun facts about national tacks to tips for days at the track, open rates for our emails to this audience are regularly 30% or more. This particular email had a 35% open rate and 1.4% click through rate with the subject line “What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! (At the track)” 

The VFW and other fraternal organizations need insurance to protect their members, guests and volunteers. As VFW Posts have reopened this spring and summer, we developed a 3-part email series with helpful risk prevention tips and reminders of the importance of having the right insurance in place. This email had a 26% open rate and a 1.43% CTR.

As part of a campaign to dispel insurance misconceptions while educating on the importance of coverage, we developed this flow chart to help home care providers navigate and understand additional products they may need to protect their business, depending on their actions.

Implementing the full flow chart into an email proved tricky. Working with the art director, we decided to tease the flow chart. By hosting on our website, we were able to send potential customers directly to the products they may need.

In an extensive, multi-crop educational campaign, communications taught growers the difference between various potassium applications. In this particular digital ad, growers were enticed to learn more about the harmful effects of chloride, and  why a low-chloride source, Protassium+, is a better choice.

In a campaign to educate orthondontists on their membership insurance benefits, this banner ad was informative in a playful way.